cleaning service


From cleaning to production at Options, Inc. we have your business's needs covered. We have been in business since 1979 and have done it all. Businesses that partner with Options, Inc. save money. Learn how your business can save money by contacting Options, Inc. today.


Business Cleaning
From small businesses to large warehouse we have cleaned it all. Need your hotel or apartment complex cleaned? Look no further than Options, Inc. Our cleaning services include: general cleaning, deep room cleaning, floor sweeping and mopping, dishwashing, office equipment sanitation, restroom sanitation, vacuuming, and much more.
Our affordable workers are more dependable than temps and are detailed focused. From small plastic parts to assembling green houses individuals supported by Options, Inc. have done it all. Have something that needs assembled? Call us today!
Quality Checking
Have a large amount of product that needs inspected for quality? From inspecting items for burrs to checking packages for defects or damage we have you covered.
Need to send out a bunch of mailers? Does your product need packaged and then heat sealed? Individuals served by Options have packaged everything from tools to mouth guards. See what we are capable of and call today.

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Crews or individuals
Do you need just one worker to perform a task? Or maybe you are looking for twenty workers? Options, Inc. can provide workers that are dependable, cost effective, efficient, and can scale to meet almost any demand. Businesses that partner with Options, Inc. have several options. We can either work on your product at your facility or ours. Call us today to learn more.
And so much more
Businesses that partner with Options, Inc. receive dependable workers at affordable prices. For job crews supported by Options, Inc. we are the employer of record and provide all supervision of our individuals. Between our individuals at our facility, our job crews, and the individuals we support out in the community, we can perform nearly any task.