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Since 1979, Options, Inc. has provided a dependable and motivated workforce for over 85 companies throughout central Minnesota. These companies continue to partner with Options because they are able to save money, fill high-turnover positions with long-term dedicated workers and enhance diversity in the workplace. When a business works with Options, Inc., the business pays for the finished product (e.g., production work) or the work time utilized (e.g., janitorial work); saving downtime, payroll deductions, fringe benefits expenses, and other overhead costs. This and more is covered by Options, Inc.

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Individual Placements

Individual job placement is when a business hires an individual directly and adds him or her to their payroll. Collectively, our Supported Employment Team bring decades of proven success in providing expert, professional employment services that include job searching, training, retention, regular evaluation, and on-going support ranging from full-time supervision to bi-weekly follow-up visits. Companies that directly hire individuals supported by Options may qualify for a tax credit.

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Work Crews

Community Job Enclaves perform a variety of services at area businesses including janitorial services, packaging, assembly, and administrative support. Typically, a job crew consists of four workers and an Options Job Coach that would work at the business for an assigned time. The job coach provides training and supervision of the workers as well as maintains communication with site supervisors in order to promote an ongoing partnership that is motivated to consistently assess, meet, and maintain the business’ strategies and goals.


Center-Based Employment

Options performs a variety of subcontract work for businesses within its facility including light machining, assembly, and packaging. Because Options provides a variety of paid employment opportunities, we are able to meet the varied work needs and abilities of our workers. Options’ facility has 8,700 square feet of production area along with 1,500 square feet of warehouse space with a loading dock. Production Equipment and Facilities


Options staff and workers have proven to be dependable, capable, and anxious to do a good job.

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I am so happy with the amount and quality of work they do.

Feedback from business partner survey

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