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Mission Statement

Options Inc. is committed to empowering and supporting adults with disabilities in living and working in the mainstream of community life.

Who We Are

Since 1979

Options Inc. has served adults with differing abilities. To learn more about the individuals we serve and our services click here.

Hire Us

85 Businesses and Counting

85 businesses now employ individuals served by Options Inc. To learn how your business could benefit from Options Inc. click here.

What is Happening

MOHR Newsletter

Check out the latest “MOHR impact” newsletter - 'Know the Numbers' DWRS, gather support, watch new videos. And, please share it with parents, guardians and participants, and encourage them to sign up.

Employee Spotlight


“Hello and Welcome to Culvers!”

When you walk through the door at Culvers in Monticello, you may be greeted by Anthony. Anthony started with Options, Inc. in May of 2006 by attending the DT&H program and working on crews at Holiday Gas Station, Coborns, as well as other sites. Anthony is a dedicated worker who is always willing to try something new. He states that Options taught him how to work hard and get along with other people. While working at Options, Anthony learned how to operate the floor machine and was an integral part of keeping the building clean and ready for the consumers.

In 2008, Options’ supported employment program helped Anthony find an independent job working at A&W in Big Lake as a lobby attendant. When A&W closed, Anthony received additional support to continue working at Smash Burger and ENL Gas Station/Marketplace. In February 2018, with the assistance of Options, Anthony found his current employment at Culvers , where he has excelled.

“It is a very wonderful place. They have very good people to be around with. I feel like I am respected,” said Anthony. “If I need help, I can ask the manager. They are easy to talk to.”

Anthony started his career at Culvers working in Hospitality. He cleaned the tables and booths, took out the garbage, stocked the condiment area, and delivered food orders to guests in the restaurant and the drive through. Anthony worked very hard and paid attention to every detail of his assigned job while always greeting the guests with a smile. Culvers quickly recognized his talents and Anthony was able to learn new skills to advance his career. Now when you enter Culvers, you will frequently see Anthony at the register or working the drive through. He enjoys taking the guests’ orders and says that the key to doing a good job is listening very carefully to what the guest wants and to ask questions. Anthony also knows how to make all the wonderful ice cream treats for the guests. Someday, Anthony would like to learn how to cook the tasty Butterburgers and other menu items in the kitchen.

With the assistance of his Employment Specialist, Anthony has created and maintained natural supports with his co-workers and managers at Culvers. Anthony graduated from Options’ services in May of 2019. He manages his schedule and arranges his transportation independently. Anthony wants to stay working at Culvers for a long time.

When you exit Culvers after enjoying a Butterburger or Concrete Mixer, give Anthony a smile and you will hear him say, “Thank you and have a great day!”



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